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Steve Warren is a radio personality, program director, and programming consultant for over 50 years, starting at the age of 16 as the son of a Louisville, KY, radio announcer, he’s been on the air in Louisville, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Tampa, Albany, Dayton, and San Antonio. In New York City, the #1 Radio market, he survived intense competition with successful positions on WHN, WNBC, WKHK, WYNY, WNCN, and the CBS Radio Network. As a Program Director, he enjoyed success in diverse markets including Indianapolis, Wilmington, Albany, Dayton, and San Antonio and formats including Top 40, Oldies, Country, Talk, MOR, and Classical.

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Steve is sought after as a programming consultant, motivator, teacher, talent coach, and cheerleader for compelling radio programming. His expert knowledge and love of the industry has secured his position as a radio programming authority. A fun, entertaining radio personality (and a gifted actor on stage, TV and film), he has appeared as MC and host to events at Radio City Music Hall, Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall. Steve is topical, engaging, and informative, speaking with authority on the contemporary media and entertainment scene.

Since 1994, he has been heard every week across the United States and internationally, on his syndicated The Country Oldies Show from MOR Media International, Inc. From 1999 to 2003, Steve developed and implemented the country channels for Sirius Satellite Radio and was the first voice ever broadcast on Sirius, in addition to conducting over 100 artist interviews, later returning to SiriusXM as for two more years as News Anchor for the Howard Stern channel. Before that, he was Radio Editor of Radio Ink Magazine and prolific interviewer of radio group owners and industry leaders. This latest edition (4th) of RADIO: The Book has been published by Focal Press and is available worldwide. His pleasures include cooking, travel, restaurants, live theatre, and playing softball or basketball. He is presently President/CEO of MOR Media International, Inc., a full-service radio programming consultancy, headquartered in New York. MOR Media International, Inc. also owns and operates Chinamerica Radio, a fulltime Internet station featuring pop-Contemporary Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese) for a global Chinese audience since 2007. The Country Oldies Show, Chinamerica Radio, commercials, narrations and voice-overs are produced at the MOR Media International, Inc. studio in Long Island City Queens, New York. Steve lives just a few blocks from Times Square and the Theatre district in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

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